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Announcement on Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. Joining NetEase Games

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Goichi Suda) announced that the company will join NetEase Games under the equity transfer agreement signed on May 31st, 2021.

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. Moving Forward

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. has just celebrated its 23rd anniversary in March this year. For the past 23 years, our team of creators with various backgrounds and personalities have presented a variety of games to gamers. We are now given a unique opportunity to rethink the game development and organization structure of Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. moving forward. While understanding our own advantages and unique position, we were presented with new possibilities in game creation.

As we all know, NetEase Games has developed many excellent games in the past, and I have long been aware of NetEase's creative capabilities. When talking with NetEase about "developing more unique console games together", we resonated. After a lot of thoughts, we’ve unanimously decided to "get together" in the long term through deeper cooperation to create more good content for gamers.

NetEase Games understands the strengths of Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. and is willing to support us, and is an extremely reliable partner. NetEase Games will be mainly responsible for advising on our business planning activities and providing sufficient funding for game development. We will be responsible for the creativity and production of games to ensure that we are able to continue to maintain the consistent "Grasshopper Manufacture flavor" and game quality for which we are known. In addition, we will also receive strong support from the NetEase team composed of thousands of artists and technical experts in terms of game art and quality assurance. We will make the most of this support and strive to offer three even higher-quality "Grasshopper Manufacture Games" to all gamers in the next ten years.

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc., moving towards the brand-new future of game development, is now reborn and will continue to create history. Stay tuned.

At the same time, we are also recruiting talented individuals and partners who are interested in making “Grasshopper Manufacture Games” together. Please visit our recruitment website:

Representative Director and CEO Goichi Suda

A Message from NetEase Games

NetEase Games is a company of passionate gamers, and many of them are fans of Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. Mr. Suda's games have unique characteristics. They manifest his design philosophy and artistic pursuit in every aspect – from concept to content. Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. has also integrated styles and elements from various media formats, such as film noir, detective fiction, punk rock, psychedelic electronica, cyberpunk, and so on. Additionally, Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. is one of a kind in terms of mood setting, movement design, and narrative rhythm design. Their strong passion for creativity, which has continued for decades, is extremely admirable. NetEase is honored to be the companion of Mr. Suda and Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. on this new journey into the future. We hope to give the studio creative freedom and sufficient resource support in order to empower said studio to create even more sensational works for gamers worldwide.

NetEase would like to extend its invitation to brilliant game creators in Japan and around the world. NetEase Games has been committed to the concepts of "Unleash the potential of creators" and "Bring quality interactive entertainment experiences". We hope to empower more outstanding creators and continuously create good games.

NetEase Games itself is a big developer community of tens of thousands of developers. In the past few years, NetEase has built connections with top game studios in Japan, the US, Europe, and other regions through investment, joint ventures, co-development, etc.

Additionally, NetEase will provide funding, technology, resources, and other support, and organize communication and sharing sessions among top creators around the world, so that creators can inspire each other and fully release their creative potential.

About Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. is an interactive entertainment software development company based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Since the establishment of the company in 1998, CEO/game designer Goichi Suda has been responsible for the scripting and production of many works. His unique and innovative style has attracted attention worldwide. The studio has more than 20 years of experience in console-focused game development and has successfully developed more than 25 games.

Notable Works:No More Heroes Series, LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW, killer 7

Official website:

About NetEase Games

NetEase Games is the online games division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES and HKEX: 9999), developing and operating some of the most popular mobile and PC games in markets including China and Japan. As one of the world's largest incubators of quality online game content, NetEase Games is dedicated to supporting the growth of innovative studios around the globe and growing an international presence along the way. To complement its self-developed games and world-class R&D capabilities, NetEase Games also partners with other industry leaders including Blizzard Entertainment, Mojang AB (a Microsoft subsidiary) and other global game developers to operate some of the most popular international online games in China. For more information, please visit

Notable Works:Knives Out, Identity V, LifeAfter, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT




About Grasshopper Manufacture

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. is an interactive entertainment software company established in 1998.
To date, the company has developed over 25 titles for home consoles, many of which were written and directed by CEO/Game Designer Goichi Suda.
His unique and innovative style has become renowned among a wide cross-section of game enthusiasts, and has garnered a great deal of attention from all around the world.


Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.
CEO/Game Designer

Goichi Suda

Creating games injecting the spirit of "punk"

Do you remember how you felt playing your first video game?

My first encounter with games was at a small arcade in my hometown. There was a small, glowing screen sitting in a dark corner of the arcade. It was unlike TV, comics, or anything else I had experienced up to that point. It was fresh and exciting.

Even now, I can still remember the “spark”, that impulsive moment I had when I sat in front of the game screen for the first time. I want to create video games that evoke that same feeling in people. To me, the “spark” is like the feeling you have when you come across your favorite band for the first time.

I grew up listening to British bands in the Punk and New Wave era, and the music had a huge influence on me. In music, you have bands that are shocking and different in every generation.
Every few years, this punk spirit manifests in music and in the movie industry.

Video game history has really just begun; we haven’t even seen half a century yet. And precisely because it’s such a relatively young culture, we must continue to strive to create new and stimulating games that inspire.

Corporate Profile

  • Company Name

    Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.

  • Address

    〒112-0004 Tokyo-to, Bunkyo-ku, Koraku 1-4-14

  • President/CEO

    Goichi Suda

  • No. of Employees

    40 ppl.

  • Capital

    10,000,000 yen

  • Established

    March 30th, 1998

  • Business Outline

    Planning, development, and distribution of home console video game software and digital contents

  • Major Clients
    (Alphabetical order)

    Active Gaming Media Inc. / Marvelous Inc. / Nintendo Co., Ltd.

  • Main Bank

    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Access Map

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.


Tokyo-to, Bunkyo-ku, Koraku 1-4-14

Closest Station

Toei Oedo Line Iidabashi Station Exit C2 (approx. 3 min.)
JR Sobu Line Suidobashi Station West Gate (approx. 4 min.)
Toei Subway Mita Line Suidobashi Station Exit A2 (approx. 6 min.)
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line/Tozai Line/Yurakucho Line Iidabashi Station Exit A1 (approx. 7 min.)
JR Chuo Line/Sobu Line Iidabashi Station East Gate (approx. 7 min.)



No More Heroes 3

The Galactic Superhero Rankings have begun!

The legendary assassin Travis Touchdown returns to the Garden of Insanity once again in this awesome slash-action title.

The evil Prince FU has come to Earth from the far reaches of the galaxy. Calling himself a superhero, he announces his plans to conquer the planet, together with his ten alien henchmen in tow.

In order to prevent these extraterrestrial raiders from taking over Earth, our hero Travis must fight his way to the top of the Galactic Superhero Rankings.

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch / Release date: 8/27/2021 / MSRP: 7,480 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Marvelous / Genre: Assassin Action / CERO: Z (18+)


The Silver Case 2425

This is the complete set containing both The Silver Case, released on PlayStation in 1999, and The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, released as a mobile (feature phone) application in 2005, combined into one title.

The Silver Case is set in the "Kanto 24th Ward", where the legendary killer Kamui is being pursued, and The 25th Ward: The Silver Case depicts a series of unusual and mysterious murders in the "Kanto 25th Ward", six years later.

Includes a variety of new scenarios, illustrations, and music. Featuring crime-suspense adventure with mysterious scenarios and stylish direction.

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch、PlayStation 4 / Release date: 3/15/2018 (PlayStation 4), 2/18/2021 (Nintendo Switch) / MSRP: (Nintendo Switch My Nintendo Store Exclusive) 6,578 JPY (incl. tax), (PlayStation 4) 7,678 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: PLAYISM (Nintendo Switch), Nippon Ichi Software (PlayStation 4) / Genre: Adventure / CERO: D (17+)

©GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE INC. All Rights Reserved. / Licensed to ACTIVE GAMING MEDIA Inc., / Published by Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Seven years have passed since the deadly battle of No More Heroes. This time, the battle takes place inside the video game world!

Badman shows up at the trailer Travis has been living in way down in the American South to exact revenge for the murder of his daughter, Bad Girl.

Having finally caught up to him, it seemed as though Badman had Travis in the bag. But as the two fight it out, the mortal enemies are somehow sucked into the world of the legendary video game console, the Death Drive Mk II.

The main characters of each game await as they dive into the world of video games! Featuring exhilarating action through the different worlds of all sorts of game genres!

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam / Release date: 1/18/2019 (Nintendo Switch), 10/17/2019 (PlayStation 4), 10/18/2019 (Steam) / MSRP: (Nintendo Switch My Nintendo Store Exclusive) Download ver. 3,278 JPY (incl. tax), Download ver. incl. Package 4,378 JPY (incl. tax) / MSRP: (Complete Edition) PS4 Package ver. 4,378 JPY (incl. tax), PS4Download ver. 4,378 JPY (incl. tax), Steam ver. 4,378 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Grasshopper Manufacture (Nintendo Switch), Marvelous (PlayStation 4, Steam) / Genre: Action / CERO: C (15+)


SHORT PEACE: Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day

The fifth installment to “Short Peace” – the “miraculous feast” of an anthology project brought to you by some of the world’s top creators, is a video game!

The game is based on the theme of modern Japan, with a unique story and visuals symbolizing "modern Japanese culture".

The game concept and scenario were done by Goichi Suda (Grasshopper Manufacture), and the game design, artwork, and direction were handled by Yohei Kataoka (Crispy's), making for an absolutely unparalleled collaboration.

Once an encroaching enemy catches up to you, it's game over. Featuring stylish action, unique thrills, and innovative high-speed effects.

Platform(s): PlayStation 3 / Release date: 1/16/2014 / MSRP: 7,313 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment / Genre: Action / CERO: C (15+)


Killer Is Dead

Take on the role of a new recruit in the covert government agency known as the "Execution Firm" and fight against vicious and psychotic criminals in this exhilarating action game.

Mondo Zappa is an executioner who executes assassins. The execution of criminals is simply his job, and he isn't afraid to take any task head-on - but he also has a gigolo side, often attempting to seducebeautiful
women with sweet talk.

This is a love story featuring an extremely dangerous man. With a katana in his right hand and his transforming cybernetic weapon in his left, a new and unknown world the likes of which have never been seen before is about to unfold before his eyes...

A fantasy tale of love and execution for 21st century adults.

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox360/Release date: 8/1/2013 / MSRP: 8,360 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Kadokawa Games / Genre: Action / CERO: Z (18+)


Black Knight Sword

Welcome to the theater of dark fantasy...

The player takes on the role of the "Black Knight", entering a mysterious world together with the sword spirit "Black Hellebore".

What awaits you after defeating a slew of eccentric enemies who have been grotesquely transformed by an evil princess?!

This is a dark fantasy action title in which you must try to reach the castle where an evil princess resides while solving a variety of stage gimmick-based riddles.

Platform(s): Xbox 360、PlayStation 3 / Release date: 1/10/2013 / MSRP: (Xbox 360) 1,080 JPY (incl. tax), (PlayStation 3) 1,047 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Digital Reality, Grasshopper Manufacture / Genre: Action / CERO: D (17+)

Black Knight Sword™ ©2012 Copyright reserved by Digital Reality Publishing Ltd, a member of Docler Holding group. Black Knight Sword and Digital Reality are trademarks under registration in Hungary, the European Union and/or in other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Lollipop Chainsaw

Jump into the role of a cheerleader named Juliet, a student at the huge San Romero High School, located somewhere on the American west coast, who comes from a family of zombie hunters and must use her chainsaw to mow down virtually endless hordes of zombies in this unique slice of zombie high school entertainment.

It all started on Juliet's 18th birthday. Juliet heads to school to meet up with her boyfriend. But there she finds her former classmates, now transformed into zombies, waiting for her...

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox360 / Release date: 6/14/2012 Japan ver., 6/12/2012 N.A. ver., 6/13/2012 OZ ver., 6/15/2012 EU ver. / MSRP: 8,360 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Kadokawa Games / Genre: Action / CERO: [PREMIUM EDITION] Z (18+), [Standard Edition] D (17+)



Guild01 is an anthology package bringing together four games planned and developed by well-known creators.

One of the included titles, Liberation Maiden, was done by Goichi Suda (Grasshopper Manufacture).

In this 3D shooting game, the female high school student president, "Shoko Ozora", pilots a mech known as a "Liberator" and fights to liberate Japan, which has been taken over by powerful foreign agents.

Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS / Release date: 5/31/2012 / MSRP: 4,169 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Level-5 / Genre: Shooting / CERO: B (12+)


Diabolical Pitch

The main character, McAllister, is a former professional baseball pitcher known for his powerful arm. He must take advantage of his pitching prowess to defeat an onslaught of enemies late at night in an abandoned amusement park.

Charge up your arm to throw "Diabolical Pitches" in order to eliminate all of the swarming enemies. Use various items and cards to power up, and not even the toughest foes will stand a chance. Heat things up in Score Attack Mode, and have all kinds of fun in Multiplayer Mode.

The Kinect transforms your own room into an amusement park attraction, featuring a new kind of pitching action in which you take down your enemies with "Diabolical Pitches".

Platform(s): Xbox 360 Kinect-only / Release date: 4/4/2012 / MSRP: 1,029 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Microsoft Japan, Xbox Game Studios / Genre: Action / CERO: D (17+)


Sine Mora

Sine Mora is a side-scrolling dieselpunk shoot 'em up developed together by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality of Hungary.

This game, making full use of its ultra-beautiful 3D graphics, employs a time-limit system in which all enemies must be defeated before time runs out, instead of using a "remaining lives" system.

Taking damage from enemies incurs a penalty that reduces your time limit, and items that can extend the time limit will appear upon successfully defeating enemies.

Defeat the huge bosses that await you by controlling the flow of time and dodging the intense barrage of bullets.

Platform(s): Xbox 360 (Xbox LIVE Arcade) / Release date: 3/21/2012日 / MSRP: 1,029 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Microsoft Japan / Genre: Shooting / CERO: C (15+)


Evangelion 3nd Impact

Sync up with the “Eva” and break through all the A.T. fields!

Experience the world of Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone and Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance with your eyes, ears, and fingers in an all-new "Eva" game.

Sound Impact creates a world in which the player can come into direct contact with the music and visuals of "Rebuild of Evangelion", providing an even deeper and rich experience...

A new type of rhythm action with more than 30 tracks, including bold arrangements of songs (originals) from the theatrical soundtrack.

Platform(s): PlayStation Portable / Release date: 9/29/2011 / MSRP: Standard Edition 6,578 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment / Genre: Rhythm-Action / CERO: C (15+)

©2011 BNEI ©カラー

Shadows of the DAMNED

The main character, Garcia Hotspur, is a "demon hunter" by trade. As he spends his time exterminating demons appearing here in the human world, one day, his beloved girlfriend Paula is kidnapped by the demon king Fleming, who has come from Hell.

Garcia relies on his weirdo sidekick, Johnson the skull, who transforms into various weapons. Will Garcia be able to rescue the woman he loves from Hell?

A mysterious and seductive love story for adults, featuring scenarios by Goichi Suda, as well as the heated gun-blasting action for which "Resident Evil" creator Shinji Mikami is known, and music by sound director Akira Yamaoka.

The voice cast includes Tadanobu Asano as Garcia Hotspur, Chiaki Kuriyama as his girlfriend Paula, Tatsuya Gashuin as Garcia's partner Johnson, as well as a cast stacked with unique actors including Kotaro Yoshida, Tomorowo Taguchi, Kosei Hirota, and Kyusaku Shimada.

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox360 / Release date: 9/22/2011 Japan ver., 6/21/2011 N.A. ver., 6/23/2011 OZ ver., 6/24/2011 EU ver. / MSRP: 8,030 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Electronic Arts / Genre: Action-Shooting / CERO: Z (18+)

©2011 GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE INC. / Shadows of the Damned is a trademark of GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE INC. / EA and the EA logo are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. / All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Frog Minutes

A relaxing world where you can play simply and carefree.

This game has no ending, nor can you get a "game over"; the objective is simply to collect frogs while interacting with the beautiful nature and creatures filling the screen.

How you play the game is up to you: catch lots of bugs, collect frogs to complete "Frog Puzzles", or just enjoy the cute sounds they make.

Featuring a total of ten different species of frogs, including the Japanese tree frog, the blue poison dart frog, the Argentine horned frog, and the Java Indonesian tree frog. You can check out the frogs and other creatures you catch in the "Field Guide" and listening to the various calls they croak out!

The Japanese version is narrated by voice actress Maaya Sakamoto.

Platform(s): iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (iOS4.2 and later) / Release date: 3/30/2011 / MSRP: 115 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Grasshopper Manufacture / Genre: Puzzle

©Planet G Co., Ltd.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

The sequel to the worldwide smash hit “assassin action” title No More Heroes.

The exhilarating attack action of its predecessor is back and even badder than before! Whip out your Beam Katana and a bunch of pro wrestling techniques, or even fight with two swords at once.

The ranking battles are filled with even more bizarre and unique characters than the last game. Also, the new Side Job missions are a series of minigames harking back to the 8-bit days of old.

――Santa Destroy, once a remote rural town, has been redeveloped and revitalized by the "Pizza Butt Group", and is now a big tourist destination. And now, a video store clerk named Bishop - our hero Travis Touchdown's only friend - is in danger.

A range of new assassins roll up on Travis, and a mysterious beautiful woman named Sylvia Christel, an agent of the United Assassins Association, also reappears for the first time in three years.

Travis decides to once again compete against the top-ranked assassins in the country. Revenge calls for more revenge, and a new tale of mortal combat begins!

Platform(s): Wii / Release date: 10/21/2010 Japan ver., 1/26/2010 N.A. ver., 5/28/2010 EU ver. / MSRP: Standard Edition 7,480 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Marvelous / Genre: Action / CERO: D (17+)


Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Grasshopper Manufacture took on development for the fourth installment of Tecmo's (now Koei Tecmo Games) popular Japanese horror adventure series, "Fatal Frame".

Explore Japanese houses and abandoned hospitals, using the Wiimote to control a flashlight in order to recover lost memories. When encountering a ghost, you must use your "Camera Obscura" to capture and contain it, and solve mysteries using clues such as notes and diaries written in the past.

Five young girls were abducted on the island of Rougetsu when they were children. Ten years later, two of the five girls die. The remaining girls, Misaki and Madoka, head for Rougetsu Island to unravel the mystery of their friends' deaths. The remaining girl, Ruka, also follows them to the island.

Platform(s): Wii / Release date: 7/31/2008 / MSRP: 7,123 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Nintendo / Genre: Adventure / CERO: C (15+)

©2008 Nintendo / TECMO,LTD.

No More Heroes

Travis, a young man with a low self-esteem, rises up through the assassin rankings in this "coming-of-age adventure and assassin action" title!

One night, Travis Touchdown - a young otaku living in the boring podunk town of Santa Destroy - receives a request to kill a drifter.

After accomplishing his mission, Travis encounters Sylvia Christel, a mysterious and beautiful woman. She certifies Travis' place at number 11 on the United Assassins Association rankings and asks if he'd like to try becoming the top-ranked assassin in the country, and invites him to join her.

Travis, now full-on up to the task, engages in fierce battles with the other top rankers in his quest to become the No. 1 assassin.

This is the genesis of the No More Heroes series!

Platform(s): Wii / Release date: 12/6/2007 Japan ver., 1/28/2008 N.A. ver., 5/14/2008 EU ver. / MSRP: 7,480 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Marvelous / Genre: Action / CERO: D (17+)

©Marvelous Inc.

BLOOD+ One Night Kiss

An action adventure based on the "BLOOD+" anime produced by Production I.G. The game features Detective Aoyama as well as a slew of other original characters not appearing in the anime version.

The game features an original storyline that switches between the Saya and Aoyama parts of the scenario. It depicts an incident that occurred one night after the seventh episode of the anime version of "BLOOD+", before the departure for Vietnam.

――Incidents involving monsters with wing-like hands have been occurring frequently in Shiki New Town in S-Tama Prefecture. The "Red Shield" receives this information and sends Saya to exterminate these creatures.

At the same time, Aoyama, a detective with the city police, arrives in Shiki New Town and begins investigating the town in order to determine the cause of these unusual events, and encounters the monsters himself.

Saya and Aoyama begin a long night investigating the mysterious incidents occurring in Shiki New Town.

Platform(s): PlayStation 2 / Release date: 8/31/2006 / MSRP: 7,480 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment / Genre: Action-Adventure / CERO: B (12+)

©2005 Production I.G・Aniplex・MBS・HAKUHODO © 2006 BNEI


A slightly mysterious story that connects the main character Terry, the Professor, and you - the player.

The unique game system allows you, the player, to participate and intervene as the main character of the game, acting as an intermediary between the Professor on the upper screen and Terry on the lower screen of the Nintendo DS.

With the pair unable to contact each other directly, the player guides Terry through the adventure by following the Professor's instructions.

After making first contact with the Professor through the medium of the Nintendo DS, you will watch over, influence, and foster both this world and Terry's destiny...

Platform(s): Nintendo DS / Release date: 3/30/2006 / MSRP: 5,280 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Marvelous / Genre: RPG / CERO: A (All Ages)


Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked

A game adaptation of the eponymous anime that mixes up all sorts of ingredients such as period drama & hip-hop, Okinawa & ancient Japan, and samurai & modern people. Welcome to the world Samurai Champloo - told in an all-original story!

The game preserves the unique worldview of the original anime and sublimates it into a hip-hop samurai action title, and is set in the Edo period in old Hokkaido.

You can start from either the "Mugen Campaign" or the "Jin Campaign", and by clearing either one, you can unlocand play the "Worso Campaign" as well, featuring new original character Worso Tsurumaki.

One of the game's most awesome features is the rhythmic and speedy action of switching attack combos by changing the BGM (track) during battle!

Platform(s): PlayStation 2 / Release date: 2/23/2006 Japan ver., 4/12/2006 N.A. ver. / MSRP: 7,480 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment / Genre: Action-Adventure / CERO: C (15+)

©manglobe / 下井草チャンプルーズ ©2006 BANDAI/BNEI

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case

The sequel to "The Silver Case", released on PlayStation in 1999.
The game takes place in the "Kanto 25th Ward", a "utopian" metropolis structurally based on the test sample of the 24th Ward.

One day, a pair of mysterious corpses is discovered in Bayside Tower Land, the center of the 25th Ward. One is the body of a building superintendent - displaying numerous puncture wounds - who had died while standing in an elevator, and the other is the body of a woman with no visible injuries.

Both the Heinous Crimes Unit and the Regional Adjustment Bureau jump into action in response to these sudden and unusual murders.

Three scenarios and perspectives are intricately intertwined: "Correctness" is the Heinous Crimes Unit version; "Match Maker" is the Regional Adjustment Bureau version; and "Placebo" is the Tokio Morishima version.

Platform(s): iMode, EZweb, Vodafone live! / Release date: 10/3/2005 / Publisher: Liveware / Genre: Adventure



Harman Smith is an assassin known as the "God Killer".

He harbors seven personalities due to "Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon", and he is also able to transform his physical abilities by switching between these personalities.

――These seven personalities are collectively known as "killer7".

The player can switch personalities in accordance with the situation, as you defeat enemies known as "Heaven Smiles", the story progresses...

The humorous and extreme dialogue, the unconventional storyline, the unique "toon" rendering, and the squirming typography are just a few of the super stylish factors of this unique title!

Platform(s): NINTENDO GAMECUBE / Release date: 6/9/2005 Japan ver., 7/7/2005 N.A. ver., 7/15/2005 EU ver. / MSRP: 7,480 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Capcom / Genre: Action-Adventure / CERO: Z (18+)


Michigan: Report From Hell

In this "immoral adventure", you take on the role of a TV news cameraman, working with beautiful female reporters to cover some strange occurrences in Chicago and unravel the mystery of just what's going on.

One of the main characteristics of this title is the player's point of view, which is a constant first-person viewpoint seen through the camera's viewfinder.

The player earns "scoop points" by "tagging" and photographing people or objects that they feel are worth reporting on.

There are three types of scoop points: "Suspense", "Erotic", and "Immoral", and the number of points acquired for each type will affect the outcome of each respective chapter.

When a member of the crew gets caught up in an incident themselves, it's up to the player to decide whether to save the crew member or continue filming to grab some especially shocking footage!

Platform(s): PlayStation 2 / Release date: 8/5/2004 Japan ver., 9/30/2005 N.A. ver. / MSRP: 7,480 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Spike Chunsoft / Genre: Adventure / CERO: Z (18+)

©Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


――As the world is once again about to be shrouded in darkness, the player must set out from Klantol Castle as "the Hero of Light"...

The sequel to the popular Sega RPG “Shining Soul”.

While retaining the system - which was quite well received - as the first multiplayer game for the Game Boy Advance, the scenario, graphics, and gameplay have all been upgraded.

There are a total of eight types of characters to choose from, doubling the number of characters in the previous title. In addition, new actions have been added, enemy characters' thought routines have been enhanced, and the game surpasses its predecessor in virtually every aspect.

Players can also enjoy Cooperative Multiplayer mode, in which they share adventures together, and Competitive Multiplayer mode, in which they battle the characters they have fostered in an arena.

Platform(s): GAMEBOY ADVANCE / Release date: 7/24/2003 / MSRP: 6,578 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Sega / Genre: RPG / CERO: A (All Ages)


Flower, Sun, and Rain

This adventure takes place on an island called Lospass, where time is stuck in a loop.

The player takes on the role of Sumio Mondo, a "searcher" who accepts requests from people looking for things, traveling around his hotel and the island. However, his task is not a simple one, and a series of various incidents occur.

The story is told by using a attache case-bound codebreaking computer used to solve various ciphers based on conversations with people and information obtained from a guidebook...

The background music includes many famous classical pieces, and there are scenes in the latter half of the game that suggest that the story takes place in the same world as "The Silver Case".

As a series of days repeats itself over and over again, the mystery that will lead to all of the answers finally begins to unravel.

Platform(s): PlayStation 2 / Release date: 5/2/2001 / MSRP: 7,480 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Marvelous / Genre: Adventure / CERO: A (All Ages)


The Silver Case

The first title by Grasshopper Manufacture.

Set in the Kanto Government Special Administrative Region "24th Ward", this adventure follows the legendary murderer, Kamui Uehara, as the player attempts to uncover the truth behind his crimes.

This title features an extremely distinctive and original worldview, unique and individualistic characters, and hard-boiled, characteristic dialogue. In addition, the unconventional and sometimes absurd storyline is characterized by its gritty and alluring appeal.

The "Transmitter" scenario, which depicts the cases faced by the detectives of the Heinous Crimes Division, consists of six episodes. The "Placebo" scenario, portraying the same case from another journalist's point of view, consists of five episodes.

The player can choose to take on these two scenarios separately, or alternate between them.

An ambitious work that presents a new storytelling technique through the stylish form of visual expression known as the "film window" technique!

Platform(s): PlayStation / Release date: 10/7/1999 / MSRP: 6,380 JPY (incl. tax) / Publisher: Grasshopper Manufacture / Genre: Adventure / CERO: D (17+)




Now looking for members for our world-rocking “video game band”!

Game development is about *pioneering* and *inventing*. At Grasshopper Manufacture, we've been creating one-of-a-kind games for years, and our mission is to bring stimulating and exciting games to the world. We're currently looking for new members who can help us fulfill this mission together!

Notices Regarding Recruiting Opportunities

  • 2022.04.01

    Recruitment information for new graduates/mid-career hires has been updated.

Basic Info, The New Graduate Recruiting Process

Basic Info

  • Place of Work

    〒112-0004 Tokyo-to, Bunkyo-ku, Koraku 1-4-14 Koraku Mori Bldg.

  • Type of Employment

    Full-time employment; contract employment

  • Travel Expenses

    Actual monthly expenses paid (up to 100,000 yen)

  • Scheduled Working Hours

    10:00am~6:00pm (incl. 1-hour break)

  • Days Off/Holidays

    ・124 days off per year (estimate for 2021)
    ・Two days off per week (Saturday/Sunday)
    ・National holidays
    ・New Year holiday (in accordance with corporate calendar)
    ・Annual paid holidays
    ・Marriage leave
    ・Special leave (six days)
    ・Birthday leave
    ・Maternity leave
    ・Menstrual leave
    ・Nursing leave
    ・Congratulatory/condolence leave

  • Employee Benefits

    ・Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Union membership
    ・Congratulatory/condolence payment system
    ・Marriage/childbirth gifts (monetary)
    ・MetLife Insurance enrollment
    ・Drink bar
    ・Book purchases/workshop participation/study group participation/event participation fully paid for by company

Recruiting Process

  • Selection Process

    Document screening ⇒ First interview ⇒ Second interview ⇒ Final interview
    (Four steps altogether)

  • Application Process

    Please submit the required documentation via email or post.
    *When submitting via post, please be sure to specify an email address through which we can contact you.

  • Documents to be Submitted

    ・Certificate of expected graduation
    ・Samples of your own works/self-PR letter (up to one A1-sized sheet), etc.
    For details on specific documentation required, please refer to the respective pages in "Available Positions".

    ・Description of work history
    ・Portfolio/self-PR letter (up to one A1-sized sheet), etc.
    For details on specific documentation required, please refer to the respective pages in "Available Positions".

    *Please note that personal information and works submitted (data, physical documents, etc.) will not be returned. This information will not be used for any purpose other than the employee selection process, and will be disposed of properly afterward.

  • Where to Submit

    〒112-0004 Tokyo-to, Bunkyo-ku, Koraku 1-4-14 Koraku Mori Bldg.
    Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.
    ATTN.: Administrative Dept. Recruitment Manager

  • For Inquiries via Email

    *Mail received on non-working days (weekends, holidays, New Year period) will be replied to after the next working day.
    *Depending on the content/matters at hand, we may require extra time to reply. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
    *We cannot answer inquiries regarding matters other than recruitment/employment.

List of Available Positions

Please see details of application requirements from each job category below.

List of Available Positions

Privacy Policy


This privacy policy, describing our measures employed to protect privacy is disclosed to users who are using Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. web site and GhM Store. Please note that the Japanese version of our privacy policy is official and the English version is for reference only.

Collecting personal information
Using personal information collected
Logs and files
Passing to the third party
Suspension of use of personal information
Updating the privacy policy

For inquiries regarding how we treat privacy information, please contact

Definition of personal data

Personal data is data about living individuals and refers to (i) the data that can specify an individual directly such as name and birthday; and (ii) the code that can identify a specific individual such as my number . We treat personal data obtained from our web site with equal level of confidentiality to our own confidential information regarding our business matters. Additionally, information obtained from offline and even if the data would not specify individuals, they will be treated just the same if they can specify individuals when combined.

1. Collecting personal information

Our company is the only one handlerof the information collected on this site. We shall not sell, shared or lend the information to others in a way which is not specified in this privacy policy. We ask for personal data upon user registration and upon payment process for service when our service is used. From users’ browsers, we receive the data such as users IP address, cookie information and pages seen by users, and record them on our server automatically. However, information that can let us narrow down individuals will not be collected from this. Also, official document are sometimes requested for users to prove their identity off line. Information collected off line and from other sources will not be added or supplemented to the information collected online without the approval of the individual.

2. Using personal information collected

All the personal data shall only be used to provide our service. Please note that the data will also be used for us to provide users information, such as one regarding a new service. Also, information provided when you receive our support will be disposed of when they are reasonably regarded as unnecessary in the accordance to our normal business operation. Also, the personal data can be modified or changed via changing the registered data. If you have a request for inquiries, suspension of use, erasure, etc. of personal data, we will respond promptly after confirming that you are the person in accordance with the prescribed procedure. If you have any inquiries regarding how we treat privacy, please contact.
The purposes for personal data to be used are specified as blow and we will not be using them for any other purpose. to provide customer support and other follow-up services using information such as address and email address to provide information regarding special offers according to hobbies and tastes, new products and such use information such as address and email address, and analyze information such as browsing history and purchase history to send prizes for those who won a contest and such using information such as address and email address to check the record of order and shipment when GhM STORE is used use information such as name and address, and use information such as browsing history and purchase history to settle service fees and collect unpaid fees using information such as name, address, purchase history, etc. to handle disputes and lawsuits using information such as name, address, purchase history, etc.

3. Cookies

Our company uses cookies as needed. Cookies are data that can be sent from the web site to the users’ browsers. Cookies accumulate on your computer. We use cookies on our “service and support web site” to record how the user’s page is personalized or what product and/or service are registered. Also we use cookies on a part of advertisement system. When the users do not want us to use cookies in their browsers, they can set up the browser to deny cookies or have a warning appear on the browser when the site is receiving cookies. However, if the cookies are denied, then the service on our site can be affected. Also, using cookies, we collect information to improve usability on our site. However, we do not specify personal data based on information from cookies in any case.

4. Logs and files

Our company analyses trends, and access logs in order to manage the site, detect users’ behavior and to improve usability. The access log mentioned here is not linked to the information that can specify individuals.

5. Links

This web site includes links to other web sites. We, Grasshopper Manufacture Inc., do not take responsibility over how other sites handle privacy information. This privacy statement is applied only to the information collected on the web site our company manages.

6. Security

Regarding personal data collected on our web site, we take a various measures to protect them from losses, missuses, unauthorized accesses, falsification, breach and such. Regarding our own employees, we make announcement regarding our privacy policy and security and we have a chief administrator for protecting personal data and we hold lectures and internal audit periodically for all of us to understand and protect privacy. Also each employee has strictly limited access to personal data and is overseen rigorously and every one of them is obligated to protect the information as they sign non-disclosure agreement upon their employment.

7. Passing to the third party

Our company does not disclose personal data to any third party, except for the following cases.
When required by law
When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
When requested by a national agency (court, police, tax office, consumer center), a local public body, or any other agency with authority recognized by law or ordinance, or an agency entrusted with them
When the following matters have been announced or announced in advance
Include provision to third parties in the purpose of use
Data items provided to third parties
Means or method of provision to a third party
Stop providing personal information to third parties at the request of the person
In the above cases, we may disclose the information without your permission.

However, the following cases do not correspond to the third parties specified above.
When we outsource all or part of the handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use
When personal information is provided due to business succession due to merger or other reasons
When personal information is shared with a specific person, the fact, the items of personal information used jointly, the range of people who use it jointly, the purpose of use of the person who uses it, and the purpose of use of the person who uses it
When the name or name of the person responsible for the management of the personal information is notified in advance to the person or put in a state where the person can easily know
Also, when we delegate work to a third party, we disclose information limited to the ones necessary to fulfill their tasks and we strictly review their practice of how to treat personal information and have them sign our non-disclosure agreement regarding personal data to obligate them to treat the information as strictly as we do in our company.
In addition, when providing personal information to a third party in a foreign country, the Company shall obtain the consent of the individual in advance, unless it is permitted by law to treat it as an exception.

8. Indemnification

In case the user disclose his/her own personal information on internet (through using the chat service via mail, chat, bulletin board, game or inappropriate tools), there is a possibility that the information is collected by other users. We will not be responsible for any damages the user may receive from this. Please manage the security of sending out information as it is your responsibility.

9. Suspension of use of personal information

When the user requests the disclosure of personal information, we will disclose it to the user without delay. However, if the disclosure falls under any of the following, we may not disclose all or part of it, and if we decide not to disclose it, we will notify you to that effect without delay.
When there is a risk of harming the life, body, property, or other rights and interests of the user or a third party
When there is a risk of significant hindrance to the proper implementation of our business
When it violates other laws and regulations
In principle, we will not disclose information such as access logs.
In addition, we also assume that the personal information of the user is not true, that it is handled beyond the scope of the purpose of use announced in advance, or that it was obtained by deception or other fraudulent means. , If you are requested to stop or delete the use of personal information, we will provide an opportunity to limit the use of information provided to us by users afterwards. When requested to suspend or delete the use of personal information, we will conduct necessary investigation without delay, and based on the result, we will suspend or delete the use of personal information and notify the user to that effect. .. However, if it costs a lot of money to suspend or delete the use of personal information, or if it is difficult to suspend or delete the use of personal information, and if necessary alternative measures can be taken to protect the rights and interests of the user, take an alternative. Currently, the purpose of usage for the users information collected are specified under “2. Using personal information collected” and limited to the ones necessary for the users to use our service, so the suspension of use part of the usage, specified, is not allowed. If the user does not wish to provide personal information, it’s possible to choose not to provide it. However, please note that if the information is absolutely needed to provide the service, we may not be able to provide the service. If there is a possibility that the users information are to be used beyond the scope, specified on our policy, the users will be notified in a manner that is easily understood, and then, they will be given a chance to stop of use individually. If the new purpose cannot be agreed, then the user can choose to deny it. Also, the personal information provided to us will be maintained so the users can check and modify or change through our web site anytime.

10. Updating the privacy policy

This privacy statement is separate from agreement for each service, and it is not to obtain the approval of the users, but to disclose our ways in which we handle personal data. We may improve or modify our privacy statement upon any change of law or our business activities or users request and such. In such cases, the change will be notified in a manner easily understood and the change will take effect after a certain grace period.

If you have any questions regarding our treatment of personal information, please contact
Privacy inquiries
Businesses handling personal data
1-4-14 koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Grasshopper Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Representative Director President Goichi Suda

Supplemental provision
Enacted from August 1, 2013
April 1, 2022 revision