Mid-Career Recruitment

VFX Artist

  • Salary

    Annual salary system (Amount determined in accordance with corporate regulations, based on experience, ability, etc.)
    Those with specialized skills and abilities will be given extra priority.
    Additionally, we also employ a performance-based incentive system as well.
    Salary Revision: Once per year

  • Job Specifics

    ・Creation of all types of/general in-game effects, some material effects used for characters and backgrounds, and post-processing effects
    ・Creation of effects for in-game movie scenes

  • Applicant Requirements

    [Essential Requirements]
    ・People with experience in development related to any of the work described above (those from non-video game-related fields are also welcome)
    ・People with an understanding of the general flow of the effects creation process

    [Also Welcomed]
    ・Experience in action game development
    ・Experience in game development using Unreal Engine 4/5
    ・Experience in background asset creation for PlayStation 4 or later-generation home consoles and/or PC
    ・Experience in development using Maya, Substance Designer, and/or Houdini
    *Those with experience using other DCC tools will also be considered.
    ・Those with an interest in creating textures for use with effects

  • What We’re Looking For

    ・People with a deep interest in effects-related technologies/techniques
    ・People who want to create new ways of expressing/displaying various effects without being bound by existing or traditional video game effect techniques

  • Documentation to Submit

    ・Description of work history

    *Please submit any samples of effects you have created via some form of visual/video media.
    * We will also look over and consider any original samples produced outside of work/for personal use/etc.
    *Please note that personal information and works submitted (data, physical documents, etc.) will not be returned. This information will not be used for any purpose other than the employee selection process, and will be disposed of properly afterward.

  • What Makes This Job Fun

    This is an environment in which original ideas from those in the workplace are highly valued, and a wide variety of challenges can be undertaken as long as the ideas are interesting. The most stimulating part of our work is the search for effects that match the "highly unique characters and worldview" of our various works. Those who specialize in or are interested in creating textures for video game effects are also welcome.