Mid-Career Recruitment


  • Salary

    Annual salary system (Amount determined in accordance with corporate regulations, based on experience, ability, etc.)
    Those with specialized skills and abilities will be given extra priority.
    Additionally, we also employ a performance-based incentive system as well.
    Salary Revision: Once per year

  • Job Specifics

    ・Creation of character motions (battle, general-purpose motions, etc.)
    ・Creation of cutscenes (event motions with camera work, etc.)

  • Applicant Requirements

    [Essential Requirements]
    ・Experience in home console game content development
    ・Experience in animation creation

    [Also Welcomed]
    ・Experience in creating action games
    ・Experience in creating mech/monster motions
    ・Experience in creating cutscenes
    ・Ability to write scripts (Python)
    ・Actual work experience with rigging

  • What We’re Looking For

    ・People who are able to work on animation production with clear commitment and intention
    ・People with good communication abilities

    *We are looking for people who are interested in animation and are able to clearly and skillfully translate their knowledge into art. We want people with high levels of awareness and motivation rather than just development experience.

  • Documentation to Submit

    ・Description of work history

    *Please note that personal information and works submitted (data, physical documents, etc.) will not be returned. This information will not be used for any purpose other than the employee selection process, and will be disposed of properly afterward.

  • What Makes This Job Fun

    You will be able to apply animations to a wide variety of unique and interesting characters. You will be involved in a wide range of creative work, from basic movements such as walking and running, to the creation of actions like various attacks and skills, etc.