New Graduate Recruitment

2D/UI Artist

  • Job Responsibilities

    General UI and 2D material creation work in the development of home video game content

  • Who May Apply

    ・Graduates from 4-year universities/graduate schools/junior colleges, vocational schools
    ・Those expected to graduate from a 4-year university, graduate school, junior college, or vocational school in March 2023
    ・Those with the appropriate Japanese language skills (equivalent to JLPT N1) allowing for smooth communication in the workplace

  • What We’re Looking For

    ・People with a proactive attitude and desire to learn new technologies
    ・People with high motivation to create high-end graphics
    ・People with good communication skills
    ・People who are able to proactively express their own opinions
    ・People who can think and respond with flexibility

  • Documentation to Submit

    ・Certificate of expected graduation
    ・The following works

    〇At least two UI layout designs created for home video game content

    *Please note that personal information and works submitted (data, physical documents, etc.) will not be returned. This information will not be used for any purpose other than the employee selection process, and will be disposed of properly afterward.

  • What Makes This Job Fun

    We develop unique and original games not only for Japan, but for the rest of the world as well. The work provides a sense of fulfillment due to being in charge of and responsible for a high percentage of the work in the games we develop.

  • Estimated Salary

    245,000 JPY/month
    *Includes overtime allowance