GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE INC., a member of the NetEase Group, is a video game development studio based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE was founded in 1998 by CEO Goichi Suda (SUDA51), who is known around the world for his distinctive style and innovative work as a game designer and scenario writer.

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officeimage Creating games injecting the spirit of punk - Goichi Suda

Do you remember your impression when you first played a video game?

My first encounter with games was at a small game center in my town, I still remember that day clearly. There it was; a small glowing screen sitting in a dark corner of the game center. It was unlike TV, manga, or anything else I had experienced up to that point. It was fresh and exciting. Even now, I can still remember the ‘spark’, that impulsive moment I had when I sat in front of the game screen for the first time. I’d like to create video games which try to evoke that feeling.

To me, the ‘spark’ is like the feeling you have when you come across your favorite band for the first time. I grew up listening to British bands in the Punk and New Wave era, and the music had a huge influence on me. In music, you have bands that are shocking and different in every generation. I admired those bands and their defiance of traditional music conventions. Every few years, this punk spirit manifests in music and in the movie industry.

However, we don’t see the punk spirit in games very often. There aren’t enough shocking or challenging titles in the game industry today. The industry has become very conservative and is losing the foundation to create new, interesting games.

Video game history has just begun; we haven’t even seen half a century. We are still scratching the surface of our craft. It is great thing that this industry is growing. But we must continue to reach for new levels of creativity in game design. At Grasshopper, we strive to create games reflecting the spirit of punk music; games that inspire, games that challenge the norms, and games that are truly unique.

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Goichi Suda (SUDA51)